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  • About the GSX 2019 Experience

    About the GSX 2019 Experience

    About the GSX 2019 Experience

    As you may know, Automated Gate Services is always looking for ways to bring our customers the latest and greatest when it comes to security products and perimeter control. The Automated Gate Services team recently had the pleasure of attending the Global Security Exchange Trade Show and we are excited to go over some of the highlights of the experience with our customers. During our visit, we had the chance to view some truly inspirational products and talk with many people in the field who are passionate about their work with Anti-Terrorism products and all aspects of security equipment.

    About the GSX 2019 Experience

    The GSX 2019 Global Security Exchange event is a trade show built for companies specializing in security. Many of our customers already know that we work with a great deal of high security or “hardened” facilities, which remain a focal point for the security products at this incredible trade show event.

    Upon arrival at GSX 2019, we had the ability to visit with our friends at DoorKing (#doorking) and we were able to look at some of their new loss prevention products. One awesome feature to take note of is the dual color light of the UL325 compliant contact edge.

    Another exciting product is the gate from Wallace Gates (#wallaceGates), which functions as a bi-folding swing gate. This feature allows it to remain the same size in terms of openings but you only have to worry about half the storage space. Be sure to get with us soon about upcoming installation availability!

    FAAC and Magnetic were also in the mix at GSX 2019, showing everyone their bollard lineup with both non-rated and crash-rated products. We also had the chance to learn more about some of the products that we install by Ty Metal (#tymetal). The Gibraltor wedge is something that certainly caught our eye as a great wedge solution that would benefit hardened facilities and we look forward to the potential of working with them in the near future.

    It goes without saying that the auto gate is a product that is always great to see in action and we loved looking at the floating crash device that Cochrane USA had to show off to everyone in attendance. This is a product made to protect things like off-shore assets and ports from would-be boat attacks. What this did is made us think it would be a great idea to implement an aquatic division for Automated Gate Services. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation at (888) 428-3711.