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  • Learning More About Automatic Gate Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Control Equipment Installation Service & Repair

    Learning More About Automatic Gate Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Control Equipment Installation Service & Repair

    Whenever you have a business or commercial property where trucks and other vehicles need to come and go, it is best to think about access control. Whether you are in charge of a manufacturing company, large shopping complex, airport, or industrial space, the manner in which people access the space should always be at the forefront of your mind. For many commercial locations, it is smart to look into your options for automatic gate anti-terrorism vehicle control equipment installation service & repair .

    You will usually find that the type of equipment that is available for vehicle control will vary dependent on the actual application. It is possible for you to have something that may be as simple as a metal arm where the vehicle has to stop before entering or exiting. These systems generally require a driver upon entering to collect either a ticket or a card from the automated dispenser that they can reach from their window. This ticket or card is then used as the vehicle leaves the premises to document the time and cost, if any, for using the parking facility.

    When you have a property that requires higher security, you will need to look into vehicle control equipment that is heavy-duty in nature. Working with our team of professionals at Automated Gate Services, we can find you the right components to have installed on your property for all of your gate needs. We can talk with you about features like bollard systems that run via magnetic automated, hydraulic beam barriers, and even portable barricades or barriers that are crash-rated for toughness.

    Regardless of the layout of the design, our staff has the industry knowledge necessary to make sure that you have the installation you need. If you already have a vehicle control system in place, you can also trust us to provide you with repair and regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation at all times.

    Automated Gate Services is available for all your needs when it comes to automatic gate anti-terrorism vehicle control equipment installation service & repair . Call us at (888) 428-3711 today.