More people than ever before are turning to automated access gate systems for safety, security and privacy. These access gates can be controlled with an external electronic access device for convenience and security. To make the most of this technology, it’s important to work with an experienced gate installation company. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been installing access gates and throughout Southern California since 1980. We stand behind every product we install and we make sure that every customer is fully satisfied.

Access Gates

We provide a full range of technologies and products to meet the needs of any customer. Whether it’s a small access gate for a local business or a card reader system for a major corporation, we have the products and experience to make it happen. Our trained, experienced technicians have performed installations all over the Southern California area and they can bring this experience to every new installation. There’s no need to turn to a cheaper company when the most effective solution is available locally.

When we install a new gate system, we stick around for the long haul. We aren’t interested in simply installing a gate system and moving on. We want to make sure every customer is fully satisfied. That’s why we offer ongoing support, maintenance and repair services for every gate that we install. If any technical issues arise, we can have a trained technician team on-site quickly to make sure the problem is resolved.

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been providing effective gate system solutions for over three decades. We’re dedicated to serving the people of Southern California and we’ll work hard to make sure our access gates perform well for years to come. To learn more about our products or services, give us a call today at (888)428-3711.