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Automated Gate Services Inc. is Expanding into the Commercial Overhead Door Industry

Commercial Overhead Doors

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our knowledge and expertise into the commercial overhead door industry.  Recently, we completed the installation of a sheet metal door for one of our valued communication clients and have several upcoming projects scheduled.

AGS is looking forward to providing this service to our new and existing clients as many of them whom have automated vehicle gates also have commercial overhead doors on their properties. With over 38 years of experience in the gate automation industry, our reputation and experience have paved the way for a very warm welcome into the commercial overhead door industry.

Commercial Overhead Doors

With enthusiastic support from the top commercial overhead door manufacturers, Automated Gate Services Inc. will be able to provide the same quality service to our commercial overhead door customers as we do to our automated gates service, installation and repair customers.

If you are looking for a reputable commercial overhead door company, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711.

Driveway Automated Electric Gate Installation Service & Repair in Murrieta — with a Smile


Automated Gate Services, Inc., has been taking charge of driveway automated electric gate installation service & repair in Murrieta and other southern California locations. In past weeks we’ve booked electric gate installations, focused on the importance of using quality parts, and installing all gates of every sort to meet or exceed UL regulations. But there is one thing we have not talked about – or at least not directly – and that is the importance of customer courtesy.

Our field operators, our receptionists, the people who answer the phones, all our team understand the importance of customer courtesy. We know this from the feedback that comes to us from our customers, not just because supervisors report it or because we’ve held a professional development training session named “customer courtesy.” For example, one customer praised one of our technicians who carefully talked him through resetting his electric gate after he “scrambled its brains.” It was an after-hours emergency call. Animals were involved and there were security concerns. An apartment manager reported that the technician from Automated Gate Services was called when their gate was stuck open on a New Year’s Eve. She was impressed with the technician’s cheerfulness, and his willingness to help – of course, getting the problem solved in five minutes didn’t hurt, either. We’ve even had positive feed back from a city police department for our assistance.

Call Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711 for help with your driveway automated electric gate installation service & repair in Murrieta. We use electric gate parts from companies that are industry leaders in their field. Our technicians are licensed and certified to deal with a variety of automated gate situations. For 38 years we have taken great pride in providing efficient and quality services to our customers, that partnered with our passion about customer courtesy has enabled us to be recognized as a leader in the gate automation industry. We have an amazing team of men and woman that beam positive attitudes, excellent workmanship and a love for our industry and customers. We are thankful and proud of our dedicated and passionate team members and want to acknowledge how much we appreciate each and every one of them.

Drew Brees Donates Prosthetic Leg After High School QB Loses Limb to Freak Injury

We would like to share an update with you on Alex Ruiz’s journey. The following is an article from The Washington Post:

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees presents Alex Ruiz with a prosthetic walking leg. (Ruiz family photo)

By Jacob Bogage May 17th – Washington Post

At night, DeChon Burns sometimes lies awake thinking about that ankle and that knee and what kind of God could ravage two young men so absolutely and heal them both so wondrously.

There’s his son, lying on the 40-yard line years ago with a broken ankle that nearly shattered his chance to play college football. It was over, his son told him, as his toes somehow touched his calf. But after surgery and years of rehab, the joint healed. He’s still playing college football today.

There’s Alex Ruiz, the quarterback at Linfield Christian School in Southern California, where Burns coaches, on his back at the 35-yard line Oct. 6, 2017. His knee bent at a 90-degree angle the wrong way. He couldn’t feel his right foot.

“I’m never playing again,” Ruiz told Burns, who tried to wedge his body between Ruiz’s leg and his eye line.

“No, no, no, don’t say that,” Burns said. “We don’t know that. We’ve seen worse.”

Ruiz, a junior, kept the ball on a running play and was stacked up by defenders at the line of scrimmage. He right foot stuck in the ground as he tried to wriggle out of a tackle, and the weight on his back popped the joint out of its socket, then ruptured an artery that circulated blood to his foot.

A month later, he had the limb amputated below the knee.

And now Ruiz is again his jovial self and a big man on campus at Linfield. He’s part of the Lions’ coaching staff while he undergoes further treatment. A local car dealership donated a brand new GMC Terrain, which he learned to drive left-footed.

A pair of Division III colleges offered him financial aid packages to join the team as a student coach, if he can’t play, or suit up at quarterback, if he learns to play with a prosthesis.

And about that: The Challenged Athletes Foundation donated his walking prosthesis. Drew Brees, the quarterback Ruiz has modeled his game after for years, presented him with the new leg May 11. As for his athletic prosthesis, Brees will pick up the tab for that, he said.

“God is all over this,” Burns says now. “You see that something is meant here. This isn’t happenstance. There’s a bigger reason.”

Alex Ruiz drops back to pass during his junior season at Linfield Christian School in Temecula, Calif.

And yet Burns, who played at Southern California and was part of Steve Spurrier’s coaching staff with the Washington Redskins, cries when considering the enormity of the incident, when thinking about a 16-year-old making the decision to sever his own limb in pursuit of a normal life.

Doctors told Ruiz, if he kept the limb, that he would spend the rest of his life walking with the help of a boot and crutches. He would never be able to run or play sports again. He likely wouldn’t regain feeling beyond his knee.

The resident surgeon told him while he was playing “Call of Duty” in his hospital bed. He turned the game off, put headphones on and bawled.

“They said it was my decision,” he remembers. “The doctors weren’t going to make it for me. My parents weren’t going to make it for me. I had to decide for myself.”

A week later, his friends visited over the weekend, and he told them he had made up his mind. The leg would go.

“I decided,” he announced, “this is how I wanted to do life.”

“We sat there and cried and held hands,” he says now. “They made me realize, me without a leg, I’m still me.”

“When we spoke,” Burns said, “and he told me about his decision, he had to pull me through it, honestly. I bawled like a baby, and he just stopped me. And he said: ‘Coach, I need you to stop. It’s my decision. It’s something I want to do. I want to be able to play with my kids and run and do all that, and if I don’t get this done, I won’t. And don’t treat me differently.’ ”

Burns tries not to, but it’s hard. He has been around the game long enough to see a lot of injuries. His playing career ended in college with a neck injury. And he watched his son go through rehab and get on with his life.

The pair spoke at a community leadership breakfast recently about the ordeal. Ruiz went first and announced, unexpectedly, that if a future reconstructive knee surgery went well, he would try to play his senior season with the prosthesis.

“I had to step into the other room and gather myself,” Burns said. “I think it’s the totality — there was a limb that was removed. That changes things, whether you want to agree with it or not. That changes things. He’s 16 [now 17] years old. He won’t be able to run his feet in the sand or shower the same way or clip his toenails.”

And even though seemingly everything after the injury has gone right — the surgeries have been successful; Ruiz has formed a friendship with NFL tight end Zach Miller, who suffered a similar injury but without amputation; donations, including Brees’s, have poured in — Burns still sometimes stares into space and wonders why it all happened, and why he didn’t stop it.

“I don’t sleep well,” he said, “because I feel responsibility. It happened on my watch. I was the head coach.”

For a while, Ruiz was similarly distraught. What if he had handed the ball off? What if he had just gone down on the first hit?

“You can’t beat yourself up on it,” Burns told him. “Only him and God know how it happened on that play.”

Article Source: Washington Post

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Automated Gate Systems in Apple Valley

Automated Gate Systems in Apple Valley

Automated Gate Services, Inc., has the team, supplies and equipment to manage your automated gate systems in Apple Valley. A professionally installed and maintained gated entry or access control system can help improve security and safety, streamline processes and workflow, and also help control the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and skill that includes gate installers, electricians, locksmiths and more, and our quality workmanship has allowed us to serve the needs of the most particular client, including maximum-security locations.

Maximum-security locations typically require custom solutions. The process of installing an automated gate system for these customers includes beginning the design process with detailed input from the client so we can deeply understand their needs and any limitations or parameters they are working with, such as security requirements. A site visit will then allow our design and installation teams to help plan out the automated entry based on the physical space and organizational requirements. Depending on the needs of the customer, we may recommend heavy gate systems that can close rapidly at 4 feet per second, or a stacking gate configuration that is smooth and reliable – both gates would fill a unique need of the client, and our team can help to make recommendations based on client input. Maximum-security locations might include government facilities, nuclear power plants, or military bases. No matter the unique need, we are able to offer solutions.

We use only the best UL rated materials and components when installing or working on your remote gates, and each maximum-security gate system is monitored by a professional management team, which oversees the flow of the project and the quality of workmanship applied. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc., at (888) 428-3711 to learn more about your automated gate systems in Apple Valley.


New Construction in Costa Mesa

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has started construction on a gated community project in Costa Mesa for R.D. Olson Construction, one of Orange County’s top construction firms. Our installation team is in the process of installing a prefabricated loop system for the community entrance. This project will include gate automation, safety devices, emergency access and telephone communication.

Project: Villa Venetia Apartment Community
Location: Costa Mesa, Ca
Project status: Under Construction
Scope of work: Gate Automation, Safety Devices, Click2Enter Emergency Access and Telephone Entry Communication
Completion article to follow



Welcome to Automated Gate

4aAutomated Gate is the Southern California leader of new installation, parts, and servicing on a wide assortment of gate operators, entry systems, and access control systems.  Founded over 35 years ago, we pride ourselves in honesty, professionalism, and quality workmanship for both commercial and residential industries, which has enabled us to become recognized as the industry leader of gate automation products in the Southern California vicinity.

As the premiere security specialists, some of our services include:

  • Commercial and Residential Operators
  • Gate Entry Cards
  • Transmitters
  • Phone Card & Keypad Entry Systems and Programming
  • Traffic Control (Spikes)
  • Barrier Arms and Operators
  • Loop and Loop Detectors
  • Fire Department access Knox box and switches
  • Maintenance Contracts

Our customers have come to expect quality workmanship, supreme attention to detail, and professionalism throughout each project we manage.  All of the Automated Gate Services technicians are highly experienced and passionate in all facets and products of gate entry systems, and regardless of if you require service, design, or installation, we are standing by to help each step of the process.

Automated Gate Services are members of the CAI, CACM and the Better Business Bureau, and are fully licensed and insured to provide superior gate automation services. We are not only a provider of a one time installation project, however, we supply solutions to suit the specific needs of each individual client.

For more information on our professional gate automation services, or to receive a quote today, contact Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711.


Is Your Barrier Arm Operator This Smart?


To meet the needs of high traffic parking demands, Automated Gate Services offers an ultra reliable / low maintenance option, the StrongArmPark DC.

  • With over 1000 cycles after AC power loss
  • Exremley low maintenance
  • Easy to configure
  • Intelligent charging system
  • Sensitive auto rebound

StrongArmPark DC is HySecurityÕs innovative parking and revenue control operator. It meets the high cycle, high reliability demands of the parking industry. With UPS battery backup, StrongArmPark DC continues to operate for thousand plus cycles after an AC power loss providing uninterrupted traffic control over high-capacity corporate parking lots, high-rise and underground garages, gated communities, rental car facilities and is easily partnered with revenue control systems.

For more information contact or call Steve Johnson (888) 428-3711.


Rancho Cielo HOA

Project: Rancho Cielo HOA
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita
Customer: P.R. Construction
Project status: Completed
Scope of work: (4) Elite CSW24V swing gate operators, vehicle safety loops, (2) Liftmaster BG770 barrier gate operators, Proximity Reader and Sirit Transponder System.