Installing automated entry gates is a task that requires experience and a close attention to detail. A properly installed automated gate can provide years of reliable service to the owner. An improperly installed gate can lead to inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been serving the Southern California area for over 30 years. We’re fully committed to helping customers find the right automated entry gate for their needs and location while being dedicated to affordable and thorough installation services..

Automated Entry Gates

Our technicians install automated entry gates every day throughout the Southern California area. That means that when a customer orders a new gate installation, they will be working with technicians that are experienced and knowledgeable. Our techs can answer any questions our customers may have and explain how to operate different access control devices, like card entry systems or telephone entry devices.

We can help customers choose what kind of gate and access control combination will work best for their needs, location and budget. There is a wide variety of options and we can thoroughly explain them all so that our customers can make fully informed decisions. We want our customers to be completely satisfied so we will never rush customers to a decision. It’s all a part of our mission to keep our customers happy and informed at every step of the gate installation process.

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been able to stay in business for so long because we make our customers our number one priority. With our focus on customer satisfaction and our wide array of products and services, there’s no gate installation job that we can’t handle.

To learn more about automated entry gates , give Automated Gate Services, Inc. a call today at (888)428-3711.