For over 30 years, homeowners and business owners in the Southern California area have relied on Automated Gate Services, Inc. for great deals on automated entry gates . These customers have come to expect the best in quality and service. As a result, Automated Gate Services, Inc. proudly stands behind every entry gate we install. We offer a wide selection of entry gates and access devices so that our customers can find the equipment that works best for them.

Automated Entry Gates

Our experienced technicians can install any of our products efficiently. Additionally, our technicians can provide ongoing support for any technical issues that might arise with any of our products. Although we pride ourselves on our top-notch installation skills, we understand that technical issues can occur. When this happens, we know our customers want to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. That’s why we use a radio dispatch service to get technicians to the location where a repair is needed right away.

Our design team works directly with customers to determine what kind of installation will work best. After all, an entry gate that is intended for a parking garage may need to be designed differently than an entry gate in a private residence. That’s why our design team can incorporate the appearance of the surrounding area so that each entry gate we install looks as good as it possibly can. We believe that our customers deserve not only a functional gate but a great looking gate as well.

Whether our customers need an entry gate for a private drive or a card reader entry access system, we have the products and the experience to make it happen. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we can offer the most reliable service for automated entry gates . To find out why we have such a great reputation or to learn more about our services, give us a call today  at (888)428-3711.