Automated Gate When a homeowner is searching for a way to secure their home and their family, they often consider an alarm system. However, another option that works to protect a residence above and beyond an alarm is an automated gate . With the quality design and installation of an automatic gate at the end of a driveway it can help to deter unwanted individuals and protect their home even further.

Our design team works in collaboration with our clients to determine the best gate openers, hardware and access control devices they may need in order to operate to their specifications. We take the time to understand the area a gate is to be placed and explain to our clients the benefits and features of certain systems. We want to ensure that our clients are making sound decisions they can be pleased with when it comes to gate installation.

The installation process is completed by our trained professionals who know how to work with all types of hardware, including installing gated entry software, and have completed all types of gate opener systems. With minimal intrusion to our clients, they can install a gate quickly, however they know that no job is complete unless our customers are completely satisfied 100%.

In addition to providing design and installation services for our clients, we also have a dedicated repair team that is able to assist with all types of physical and software repairs our clients may need throughout the life of a gate.

The security a gate provides is only as good as the design and installation of that gate! Protect your family and your home with an automated gate from Automated Gate Services, Inc. Call us today at (888) 428-3711 to learn more about installation and design of gated entry systems for your home.