Automated gates make security more convenient by restricting access to a home or business. By combining a gate with an automated gate opener, gate owners don’t even have to leave their car to open the gate! There are many different types of gate openers suitable for any budget. Automated Gate Services, Inc. is proud to stock a wide selection of gate openers and accessories. We offer competitive prices and superior service on automated gate openers in Irvine. Automated Gate Openers in Irvine

We offer many different types of gate openers and operators. Our swing gate operators are ideal for smaller pedestrian gates as well as gates for vehicles. They are very popular for homeowners and business owners who wish to add security and a classic look to their property. We also install and service sliding gates that are ideal for traffic lanes at a business location.

Many of our gate operators come pre-installed with an automatic battery backup. This means that an automatic gate can continue to function even in the event of a total power failure. We know how frustrating it is for a gate to stop working when the power goes out. We install these models to offer the highest level of convenience and functionality for our customers.

We know that many of our customers are working hard to go green. Energy efficiency and responsible use of power are very important to us as well. That’s why we offer gate operators that can operate efficiently on clean solar power. These models can reduce carbon footprints while still operating at peak efficiency. Convenience and security are more energy-efficient than ever before!

Our gate operators can be controlled by our automatic gate openers. These sophisticated devices use state-of-the-art technology to enhance security. Our card entry systems can only be activated by special approved cards that are issued to the owners. Our keypad systems are activated by a special numeric code so only approved users are allowed in!

Now is the perfect time to install an automated gate controlled by a high-tech gate opener. Find out more about automated gate openers in Irvine today by calling Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711.