If you live , then you know that lots of people are using automated gates as a home security device as well as a way to make their property look better. One of the great things about automated gate systems is that these systems can increase the value of a property while also keeping the property safe from unauthorized intruders.

Automated Gate Systems

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has specialized in installation, service and repair of automated gates in Southern California since 1980. There’s a reason that we’re known as the gate experts in this area! It’s because we’ve been working hard for the people of Chino for so long.

When we say that we’re experienced, we mean it! All of our staff and technicians has plenty of experience to know how to handle any work situation or customer question. We have upheld our reputation for excellence by keeping our main focus on the satisfaction of our customers. We’re certainly not planning on changing that focus.

We strongly believe that automated gates are a great asset for homeowners. We believe that they can improve the appearance, value and security of nearly any property. We’re passionate about helping our customers by letting them get the gate installation that they’ve been looking for.

Whether it’s a gate for an industrial building or for a private driveway, we have something for every customer and every budget. We can’t wait to help customers get started on their journey towards a safer, more attractive home property.

To learn more about automated gate systems , just give us a call today at (888)428-3711. Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we’re standing  by to take your call, answer your questions and help your property be the best that it can be.