For anyone interested in automated gate systems , a qualified gate installation company isn’t hard to find. Automated Gate Services, Inc. serves the Southern California area and has had a record of excellence for over 30 years. We don’t just install automated gates, we also service and repair gates and gate accessories. In addition, we have a dedicated design team so that each customer can get a gate that looks great on their property.

Automated Gate Systems

We have many different kinds of gate accessories, including access devices and gate operators. A high-tech gate access control device can really change the way that our customers interact with their new gates. For example, a keypad controlled access device can make safe and secure gate entry simple and fast. Simply rolling down the car window and punching in the authorized code is all it takes to get the gate to swing, slide or roll open.

Once the access control device has been activated by an authorized user, the gate opener takes over. This powerful motor opens the gate quickly, allowing immediate access. Improving the safety and appearance of a property has never been so easy and simple.

It’s not just our products that are top quality. Our staff is world class as well. Our installation technicians are courteous and knowledgeable. They can take the time to explain the gate operating controls to the new owners so that they can begin fully enjoying their new gate immediately.

We also have friendly, knowledgeable staff standing by to answer phone calls and emails. We’re glad to help!

The best part about working with Automated Gate Services, Inc. is our commitment to quality. We don’t stop working until our customers are 100% satisfied. To learn more about automated gate systems , give us a call today at (888)428-3711.