Residents of Southern California have noticed the rising popularity of automated gate systems . But, some of these folks might wonder, what exactly is an automated gate system? How do they work and what do they do?

Automated Gate Systems

Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we love to answer that question! Installing, servicing and repairing automated gates has been our line of work for over 30 years in Southern California. In fact, we’re experts on the subject!

Automated gates are sliding, swinging or other types of gates that usually are installed at private residence or at places of business. These gates serve the primary purpose of controlling access to a particular property. For example, they might be used to control traffic at a parking garage or to let guests in at a private house party. No matter what the specific use, these gates often serve a similar function.

However, they can have significant difference in design, style and application. For instance, some gates at a private residence might be made of highly stylized and decorative wrought iron. Meanwhile, a sliding overhead gate at an industrial park might be made of plain steel or aluminum. Whatever the case, these gates are built to last and work reliably .

Controlled by powerful motors and activated by secure access devices, each gate installation can be custom-tailored to fit the needs of its new owner. From the pedestrian to the industrial, from small budgets to large budgets, we have something for everyone here at Automated Gate Services, Inc.

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