Anaheim is home to many beautiful homes, gated communities and upscale residential neighborhoods. What do many of these homes have in common? Many of them have automated gates to provide security for the homeowners. Automatic driveway gates in Anaheim are the number one choice for personal home security in Southern California. These gates provide style, elegance and peace of mind for homeowners.

Automatic Driveway Gates in Anaheim

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been installing and servicing gates across Southern California for over 30 years. We take pride in every project that we take on and we’re fully committed to total customer satisfaction. We provide a wide range of products so that customers can find exactly what they need.

In addition to servicing and installing various types of gates, we are also proud to offer a complete line of gate operators and access control devices. Some of our most popular access control devices include our coded entry systems. These devices can be activated by entering a special numeric passcode or swiping a private keycard. Once activated, the access control device sends a signal to the gate operator and the gate slides or swings open.

All of this can be accomplished from the comfort of the driver’s seat. There’s no need to fumble for keys or glance over your shoulder while trying to get inside. Simply activate the control device and relax as the gate opens. We also offer lighted keypad devices for easy operation at night and devices that are pre-installed with intercom systems for guest access.

Experience total convenience and security with automatic driveway gates in Anaheim. It’s never been easier to enhance personal privacy while improving the appearance of your home. To find out more or to schedule same-day service, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711.