For security and convenience, many people are installing automatic driveway gates in Fontana/Bloomington. Not only do these gates provide extra security and privacy, they can also enhance the appearance of any home. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been installing these gates across Southern California for over 30 years. We have the experience and training to handle any kind of gate installation project.

Automatic Driveway Gates in Fontana/Bloomington

One of the great features of automated driveway gates is their ability to be customized. We carry many different types of access control devices for these gates. The access control device sends a signal to the gate, causing it to open, when the device is activated. There are a number of secure options for the activation step.

Some of our devices include units that are manually activated. This means that a simple swipe of a keypad or entering a short numerical passcode will activate the gate. All of this can be accomplished from the safety and comfort of the driver’s seat.

For customers who desire more automation, we have transponder devices as well. The access control devices consist of a small electronic transponder which can be attached to the owner’s vehicle. They are usually attached to the headlights or the windshield. When the owner approaches the gate, a sensor detects the signal from the transponder and activates the gate. This is another great option for security and convenience. The gate can only be activated by the owner’s transponder and there’s no need to enter a code or use a keycard.

We have many more options for customizing a gate installation project. From access devices to gate operators, we have it all. To get started on a customized gate installation plan for automatic driveway gates in Fontana/Bloomington, schedule a design consultation with Automated Gate Services, Inc. by calling us today at (888)428-3711.