Home security is more important than ever before. For homeowners in Southern California who are concerned about the security of their private property, an automated gate is a great solution. These gates can help protect property by keeping unwanted intruders out. The easiest way to learn about automatic dual gate openers is to make a quick phone call to Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Automatic Dual Gate Openers

With over 30 years of experience, we’re the local experts on installing and servicing automated gates and their components. Our focus on total customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition. We can develop customized gate installation solutions for customers with different budgets and needs.

We offer a wide variety of various gate components so that we can complete any type of gate installation. From solar powered dual gate opener motors to automatic access control devices, we have the products on hand to create any type of customized gate project.

We’re proud to stand behind the products that we install. We offer ongoing service and support for all of our products. This includes our service plans that involve routine maintenance checks to spot problems before they get out of hand. In this way, we can provide years of reliable service to our customers. We even offer repair services on products installed by other companies.

No matter what our customers need, we have the products and experience to make it happen quickly. From our initial consultations to personal product demonstrations, we strive to make our customers happy. We have friendly staff standing by to answer phone calls and emails.

For more information about automatic dual gate openers , call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711.

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