Anaheim is home to many beautiful homes, apartment complexes and businesses. Many properties throughout the Southern California area have installed automated gates to increase security, enhance privacy and improve property values. No matter why people choose to install automated gates, it’s important to work with a trusted, experienced gate installation company. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been in business in Southern California for over 30 years and we have the experience to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide unbeatable prices and service on automatic fence gate openers in Anaheim.

Automatic Fence Gate Openers in Anaheim

Fence gates are a very popular style of automated gate. These types of gates look great at private homes or in apartment complexes. They can even be used at business locations for visitor access or in parking garages. They are ideally suited for pedestrian traffic control and they can be installed in a sliding or a swinging configuration.

These gates become even more secure and convenient when they are combined with an access control device. An access control device is used to deny access to unauthorized intruders. The device sends a signal to the gate opener when a correct numeric code is entered or when an approved keycard is swiped. Once the appropriate authentication has been given, the control device activates the gate opener and the powerful motor quickly slides or swings the gate opener.

A high-quality gate opener is critical to the reliability and performance of an automated gate. A high-quality gate opener that is properly installed can deliver years of reliable service.

For the best prices and top-notch service on automated gates in Southern California, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711. Ask us about automatic fence gate openers in Anaheim, we’re standing by to answer your questions!

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