Los Angeles residents are proud of their homes and businesses. One of the best ways to improve the security and appearance of any property is to install an automated gate system. These systems keep out unauthorized intruders while making a property appear more attractive. It’s important to work with a qualified gate installation company to get the most out of a new gate system. For Southern California residents, that company is Automated Gate Services, Inc. We have over 30 years of experience installing and servicing automatic gate accessories .

Automatic Gate Accessories

High-quality automatic gate accessories can make an automated gate system even more convenient and secure. For instance, an access control device can really improve the security features of any gate system. We offer a full line of high-tech access control devices that are ideal for any type of gate installation.

One of our most popular types of access control devices is our numeric entry keypad devices. These devices provide extra security by requiring a secure code to open the gate. The owner can enter the secure code from the safety and security of their driver’s seat and then enjoy quick access to their property.

We also offer transponder access control devices. Our expert technicians can install the transponder device onto the windshield or headlight of the owner’s vehicle. When the owner’s vehicle approaches the gate, the transponder will automatically send a secure signal to the gate opener motor. The gate will automatically open, providing quick and easy access to the property.

For more information about automatic gate accessories , make a call to Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer calls or emails.

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