When people install automated gates , they want convenience and simplicity at an affordable price. This is why it’s so important to hire a gate installation company that is dedicated to quality service and flexible payment options. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has a track record of success throughout the Southern California area. For unbeatable deals on automatic gate controls , we’re the company to call.

Automatic Gate Controls

Automatic gate controls are an essential component in a modern automated gate system. For example, access control devices can add an element of convenience and security to a gate system. We carry many different models of access control devices that are great for a wide variety of gate styles.

Our code-entry control devices allow our customers to access their property from the safety of their driver’s seat. They simply have to input a secure numeric code into the device which will activate the gate operator motor and open the gate. The whole process takes only a few seconds and allows gate owners to stay within the safety of a locked vehicle.

For maximum convenience, customers can take advantage of our transponder access control devices. With these systems, we can simply attach a transponder module to the owner’s vehicle. The transponder is typically installed on the windshield or headlight of the owner’s vehicle. Once the vehicle is close enough to the gate, the transponder’s frequency will activate the gate opener motor so that the owner can enter or exit his or her property.  This means that the owner doesn’t have to leave the safety and comfort of his or her vehicle!

Whatever our customers need, we can make it happen. For more information about automatic gate controls , call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711.

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