Automatic Gate Openers Solar More and more Southern California residents are looking to solar power for their home and business operations. Why not put solar power to work for an automatic gate too? That’s right! The sun can power a commercial or residential gate with ease! At Automated Gate Services, Inc. we specialize in installing automatic gate openers solar , and always encourage our clients to use the sun to power their gate systems.

Many interested automatic gate clients will ask how exactly they can use the sun to power their gate system. Our design team can work with them to explain how the hardware works that we have installed in dozens of businesses and homes in Southern California. Just as solar power can be used in place of traditional electricity sources, it can also be used to open and close the gate system when solar openers are installed.

And, just like all our other opener systems, our solar openers are state-of-the-art, serviced and installed by our great team of technicians. So, even if a solar powered opener fails to work in the years to come, Automated Gate Services, Inc. can provide all the necessary services to repair and replace the system easily.

For those who have an existing gate system and are looking to go use the sun to power their gate opener, we can also replace their current system with one that is solar powered. In fact, many gate customers are now switching their openers to the more economically friendly solar option.

To learn more about automatic gate openers solar , pick up the phone and call Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888) 428-3711. Let us show you how you can put the sun to work for you in a new and exciting way!

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