Rancho Cucamonga is a hotspot for residents who want to go green to protect the environment while saving some money. This growing trend can now be enjoyed by automated gate system owners or anyone who is interested in installing an automated gate system on their property. Whether it’s at a private residence or a business location, all types of automated gate systems can benefit from the use of free solar energy. Automated Gate Services, Inc. specializes in the installation, service and repair of automatic gate openers solar . We have the expertise and training to install these high-tech gate systems in practically any type of location.

Automatic Gate Openers Solar

Many people are already enjoying the luxury and convenience of a professionally installed automated gate system. These systems provide maximum property protection by deterring unauthorized intruders from gaining access to a property. They can significantly increase the value of a property while also making any location appear more attractive. All of these benefits can be enhanced by the cost-saving use of free solar energy. Our solar-powered gate opener models come pre-installed with the capability to operate with attached solar panels.

Our solar-powered gate opener devices have all the same rugged reliability and tough power of our standard gate opener models. However, the use of solar power allows gate system owners to regain some money on their investment every time they use their gate. By avoiding the use of DC power, these gate opener modules can help to reduce the cost of a gate system owner’s utility bill.

For the best prices available on automatic gate openers solar , call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711.

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