Banning Gate Services

Access Gates

We offer professional installation services from our experienced design team so that each customer can get the gate system that fits their needs and budget.

Automated Entry Gates

Before we begin an installation, we meet face-to-face with our customers to determine what type of gate they need and the location where they need it installed.

Automated Gate

We know that making the choice to install an automated gate can be a tough one. That’s why we’re committed to helping every step of the way.

Automated Gate Company

We install nearly any kind of automated gate and we carry a full line of gate accessories and access control devices.

Automated Gate Opener

Automated gates are the most convenient way to enhance security for private property. This is especially true if the gates are accompanied by sophisticated automated gate openers.

Automated Gate Openers

Only an experienced gate installation company can properly install these sophisticated devices.

Automated Gate Systems

Many of our customers want the latest and greatest automated gate technology and so that is what we give them! From high-tech gate access control devices to the most stylish, ornate gates, we have the inventory to meet any need.

Automated Gates Cantilever Gates

Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we understand that no two customers will have the same needs. That’s why we offer fully customizable gate installation plans for automated gates cantilever gates .

Automatic Driveway Gates

There are different gate styles, a wide variety of access control devices and many types of gate openers. Choosing the right combination of products may seem like a confusing task. However, with the help of an experienced gate installation company, this process can be exciting and simple.

Automatic Dual Gate Openers

Many people are turning to automated gates as a solution for increased security and privacy at homes and businesses. These types of gates have the added benefit of increasing the value of many different kinds of private property.

Automatic Fence Gate Openers

Many people across Southern California are enjoying the benefits of a private automated gate system. These gate systems combine the advantages of enhanced home security with the convenience of automated entry features.

Automatic Gate Controls

Installing an automated gate system may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, for people who are considering installing one of these high-tech systems on their home or business property, all it takes to get started is to make a phone call to the most trusted gate installation company in Southern California, Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Automatic Gate Accessories

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been working hard for the people of Southern California since 1980. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide deals on automatic gate accessories that the competition can’t match.

Automatic Gate Motors

We are totally committed to 100% customer satisfaction for every installation or service project that we undertake. We can offer great service and flexible payment options on automatic gate motors and throughout Southern California.

Automatic Gate Openers

Banning is a great place to consider installing an automated gate system. Whether it’s at a private residence or a business location, any type of property can benefit from a professionally installed automated gate system.

Automatic Gate Openers Solar

Automated Gate Services, Inc. is the perfect company for the job. We specialize in the installation, service and repair of all kinds of gate systems as well as their components.

Automatic Gate Operator

In Southern California, the company to call is Automated Gate Services, Inc. We have the experience, the personnel and the training to get the job done right. We’re proud of our exemplary customer service and our ability to provide unbeatable prices on an automatic gate operator .

Automatic Gate System

There are a lot of reasons that a homeowner, apartment complex manager or a business owner would want to install an automated gate system on their property. These gate systems are a great choice for property owners of all types because of their numerous benefits.

Automatic Opening Gates

There are plenty of great locations in the Banning area for property owners to consider installing an automated gate system. Whether it’s at a small location or a large one, a professionally installed automated gate system is the ideal choice for enhancing the security and privacy of any type of property.

Automatic Slide Gate Openers

Homeowners who are looking for a great deal on a professionally installed automated gate system are in luck. It’s now easier than ever to find competitive pricing and flexible payment options on high-quality automated gate systems in the local region.

Automatic Sliding Gate

There are many beautiful home and business properties at locations throughout the Banning area. One thing that all of these locations have in common is a need for strong security.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

When the time comes to install an automated gate system on a home, apartment or business property in the Banning area, it’s time to make a call to a qualified professional gate installation company.

Automatic Swing Gate

Automated gate systems are a great investment for property owners of all kinds. Whether they are installed at a private residence, a busy apartment complex or a business location, a professionally installed automated gate system can significantly enhance security while also improving the value and appearance of nearly any location.

Automatic Swing Gate Openers

When homeowners and business owners in the Banning area want to invest in an automated gate system for their property, they want to be sure that they are getting the best deal possible. After all, installing a high-tech automated gate system on any property is a big investment.

Barrier Arm Operators

More and more property owners in the Banning area are discovering that professionally installed automated gate systems are a great way to increase security at any location. Of course, when it comes to high-tech gate systems, it’s important to get the best deal possible.

Barrier Gate

Professionally installed automated gate systems are a popular choice for property owners in the Banning area who are looking for an affordable, practical way to improve their personal security and privacy. Of course, there are many different professional gate installation companies in the local area.

Barrier Gate Arms

We can install any type of gate system on any kind of property for a great price. We use only high-quality gate components, including our barrier gate arms .

Barrier Gate Openers

Give us a call to find out just how easy it is to find great prices on a fully customized gate installation project.

Barrier Gate Operator

Automated Gate Services, Inc. can provide the best prices on these gate systems, including on any type of barrier gate operator . Call us today to find out what kind of gate systems we can design and install.

Barrier Gate Operators

Every day, more and more property owners in the Banning area are turning to professionally installed automated gate systems to meet their security and privacy needs.

Barrier Gate Systems

With just one quick phone call, all of our customers can quickly be on their way to enjoying all of the benefits that come with these convenient gate systems.

 Barrier Gates

Automated Gate Services, Inc. can provide great deals on all types of barrier gates . Give us a call today to learn more about our great offers on a wide variety of gate styles and models.

Best Gate Openers

When it comes to your home or commercial property, ensuring it is protected is likely at the top of your priority list. If this is the case, then you should call our team of professionals for help with finding the best gate openers .

Best Automatic Gate Openers

Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc. we have over 30 years of experience installing and servicing the best automatic gate openers .

Best Swing Gate Operators

Not only do we pride ourselves in our innovative and classic designs and our superior installation services, we also use only the best products and equipment in our projects – including the best swing gate operators available.

CAME Electric Gates

One of the many reasons that Automated Gate Services is considered an industry expert and the best in the business is that we use only the highest quality, most reputable components and equipment available.

CAME Gate Openers

Automated gates are not just for high society. Our company will work with you and within your budget so that you, too, can enjoy the aesthetics, reliability, and security that an automated gate offers.

CAME Gate Operators

One common way to boost security that is often overlooked is installing an electric and automated gate.

CAME Swing Gate Operators

To learn more about Automated Gate Services, Inc. or to schedule a consultation appointment regarding the installation of CAME swing gate operators .

Cell Phone Gate Openers

In addition to providing a number of automated electric gate entry options for users, Automated Gate Services also provides cell phone gate openers .

Commercial Electric Gates

Automated Gate Services has been serving the southern California area for over 35 years. During this time, we have provided our customers with quality products and equipment, stellar service, and a work ethic that blows away our competitors. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers in designing and installing superb, cost-effective, automated gated entry projects.

Commercial Gate Systems

Whether it’s for aesthetics or security, the installation of a commercial gate system on your commercial property will benefit your clients, your personnel, and your business as a whole for years to come.

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