While finding replacement barrier gate arms might seem like a simple task, many will find that getting quality automatic gate equipment and installing it can be two difficult challenges for individuals who are not trained properly. For those who are searching for repairs, replacement or installation of a barrier arm gate, the only place to turn to is Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Barrier Gate Arms

Whether a barrier arm gate has given out after years of use, or someone has accidentally run into the barrier, repairs and replacement parts are our specialty. Regardless of whether or not we initially installed the automatic gate system, our trained repair technicians can spot the problem and quickly work to get a gate back into working order. Our customers can rest assured that we have the equipment and the know-how to complete all hardware and software repairs they may have throughout the life of their gate.

For those who are considering a barrier arm gate, we can help too! We have a dedicated design and installation team to help our customers get the gate system that they need. Our design team works with the client to identify their needs and determine the style and location of gate desired. Then or installation team goes to work to have every gate installed and functioning before the customer knows it. We make ourselves available to our clients whether they need further assistance after installation as well, whether they need repairs or want upgraded hardware and software.

For barrier gate arms , or anything having to do with an automated gate system, call (888)428-3711. At Automated Gate Services, Inc. we are standing by to help all of Southern California with their automatic gate needs.

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