When it comes to the functionality of a barrier gate, or any gate for that matter, most of Southern California put their trust in Automated Gate Services, Inc. We not only offer repair and installation services for all types of gates, but we are also one of the best places to purchase gate hardware and software, such as a barrier gate operator .

Barrier Gate Operator

Most of our customers are familiar with our installation or repair services, as we can service any type of gate regardless if we were the original installing company or not. Those who do purchase their barrier gate system from us can take advantage of our design team to help ensure they are getting the best gate for their needs, and they can take advantage of our competitive installation prices. Repairs and installations that are completed by our team are always done in a timely, minimally intrusive manner and are performed by our trained technicians.

While we are known for our installation services, we also have access to top-of-the-line hardware and software barrier gate equipment to assist Southern Californians with any replacement parts or repairs they may have. Oftentimes finding the proper equipment to complete repairs can be difficult, by selling operators and barrier arms we can help our customers to get the right parts they need. So, not only can they buy barrier parts directly from our professionals, but we can install these parts too! This certainly makes maintaining and caring for any gate system simple and affordable.

Get your next barrier gate operator from the only company that Southern California trusts, Automated Gate Services, Inc. Dial (888)428-3711 to learn more about all the services that we can provide when it comes to your automatic gate.

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