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More property owners than ever before are making use of professionally installed automated gate systems on their home and business properties. There are few other ways to significantly improve security at any location for such an affordable price. Of course, in order to get the best deal on one of these high tech gate systems, it’s important to make sure that the company doing the installation uses high quality components. Top of the line gate parts and components will help to ensure that a gate system delivers reliable performance for years to come. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has a strong commitment to using only the highest quality gate parts and components currently available on the market. We also offer great prices on all of our part models, including our barrier gate operators in San Bernardino.

Most modern automated gate systems rely on a variety of different components to perform their function reliably. Of these components, one of the most important is the gate operator. The gate operator is like the engine that powers the entire gate system. When the gate owner approaches the gate or activates the secure entry device, a signal is sent to the gate operator that tells it to kick into action. Then the gate operator supplies the necessary horsepower to quickly and quietly swing or slide the gate open, allowing entry or exit.

If this critical component fails, the entire gate system can be put out of commission. That’s why we use only high grade components in every gate operator that we install in our customized gate systems.

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