Best Swing Gate Operators in Anaheim

Best Swing Gate Operators
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If you are looking for maximum security for your home or business, then look no further than Automated Gate Services. In addition to gate operator parts, repairs, and services, Automated Gate Services also specializes in commercial door operators. Regardless of whether you have a part on a gate that needs repair or if your access control system is malfunctioning, Automated Gate Services offers is there to provide you with high quality services. Call us today for the best swing gate operators in Anaheim.

Regardless of whether you use an access control panel or a swing gate, Automated Gate Services provides the following types of gate operator products and services:


  •  Slide gate operators
  • Swing gate operators
  • Parking gate operators
  • Overhead gate operators
  • Actuator gate operators


  •  Design
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Maintenance programs
  • Telephone entry programming
  • Will call center


Gate Operator Products with Automated Gate Services

 As shown above, Automated Gate Services also offers a number of gate operator products that fit a number of different gate styles. Many of the gate operator products are available include wood, PVD, aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel.

Additionally, gate operator products come equipped with full time battery backups, control stations, electrical control devices and a warranty. Automated Gate Services provides preventative maintenance programs for gated entries and access controls. At Automated Gate Services, we stand by our products and services, and we believe in prolonging equipment life and promoting early detection to avoid technical issues down the road.

However, should a gate operator part fail or malfunction, Automated Gate Services offers 24/7 emergency service and even same-day service. If you run into a technical issue with your gate, then call Automated Gate Services. We will send out one of our skilled service technicians for rescue repairs.

 To learn more about Automated Gate Services, contact us today at (888)428-3711 for the best swing gate operators in Anaheim.