Secure Commerical and Industrial Barrier Gate Installation

Secure Commerical and Industrial Barrier Gate InstallationDepending on your type of industry, having a barrier gate may be paramount, not only for security reasons, but also to keep track of the vehicles that are coming and going. A barrier gate works well in military, warehouse, and production industries, to name a few. A barrier gate is a good idea to install when tailgating is a concern, so we often see the trucking industry benefit from the use of a barrier gate. . When it comes to barrier gate installation service and repair in Mira Loma, look no further than Automated Gate Services, Inc. for all of your barrier gate needs.

We have several different types of barrier gates that can be customized to suit your needs. A hydraulic beam barrier can handle both steel or aluminum boom arms, and has no counterweights. Another option is a simple barricade. Many of our barricades, including our simple barricade, are certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.We also feature crash-rated barriers and barricades, which can help protect against vehicles that may present a threat or danger. Lastly, we also offer bollard systems. Also certified by the U.S Department of Defense, these bollards offer three levels of protection to keep unwanted vehicles out of a restricted or dangerous area.

No matter which type of barricade system you choose, our experts at Automated Gate Services, Inc. are here to help you understand your system after installation. Even if you have a system not installed by us that requires repair, we are more than happy to help. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711 for your needs for barrier gate installation service and repair in Mira Loma. A member of our friendly staff is ready to take your call.