Remote Gate Installation Service & Repair in Apple Valley

remote gate installation service & repair in Apple Valley

Both our commercial and residential customers rely on remote gate installation service & repair in Apple Valley.  Whether you are installing a gate for your driveway at home, or for your business where a high volume of trucks come and go each day, remote controlled automated gates offer both convenience and security.


There are a variety of remote controls to choose from, but they widely share the same basic functions and features: buttons that will be pushed to open and close the gate. The remotes are programmed and then given to those who you wish to have access to the gate. The benefit and drawback for remote gates are the same: remote controlled gates cannot be accessed without having the remote. If a remote for an automated gate is lost or stolen, the security of the gate may become compromised. (When working with Automated Gate Services, be sure to ask us for instructions on how you can enter your gate manually in the event the remote has been lost, just as you might need to know how to manually enter during a power outage.)


Remote powered gates are favored because of their ease of use. With the simple push of a button, the programmed gate will open, and then can be closed once the person or vehicle has entered. Remotes are commonly stored in vehicles on the sun visor, and there are also keychain remotes that can be easily carried on a person. Having the remotes stored in vehicles is excellent for home-owners and businesses alike, since they allow entry and exit without having to step out of the vehicle.

Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help with your remote gate installation service & repair in Apple Valley, just call us at (888)428-3711 to learn more. A remote gated entry system is all about increasing efficiency, security, and convenience – ask our team how you can get started today.