What To Look For In an Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company Near Tustin

Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company Near Tustin

It is no secret that gated entry and access control products are quite an investment. The monetary cost of installation and service visits aside, you will want your gate to function as intended for years to come. As you begin the process and are wondering if you should just go with the cheapest option available, or do your research to find the right fit, we strongly recommend you don’t let the hard costs be your only guideline for selecting an automated gate installation service & repair company in Tustin. Also consider a company’s expertise, timeline to project delivery, and their ability to provide ongoing maintenance to your gate once it has been installed.


Expertise means more than researching how many years a company has been installing gated entries. Expertise also speaks to their ability to help you design and put together a product and system that will work well for your application. This will be different for each customer: parking and traffic management will have different needs than an airport or maximum-security location. Surely, almost any company can install the gate you want, or recommend the most expensive products for their own gain, but you will be lucky to find a company that will know what questions to ask you to make recommendations on the best possible application for your needs. Their knowledge of products and accessories will come into play when you have specific goals for your gate that go beyond simply opening and closing.

Timeline to Project Delivery

How soon do you need your gate to be installed and in good working order? Always get this information at the start, and when you are shopping compare one companies estimate to the others. Taking longer for an installation to be complete is not always a bad thing: make sure you are working with someone who really understands all that is involved so you can get the work done right, the first time.

Ongoing Maintenance

Having the same company that installed your gate make routine repairs and maintenance service visits to your gate offers many advantages, and can help to save you both time and money in the long run. Not only will this ensure familiarity with the parts and products, but it will also help you know your gate is being serviced in a manner consistent with the installation, and a history of parts replaced and work done will be kept with the same company should you ever need to reference the work history.

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