Don’t DIY: Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Irvine

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Irvine

Automatic gate access control devices are an essential part of your automated gate system. Reputable manufacturers of such devices include DoorKing, LiftMaster and Cellular Controlled Products. You might be tempted to purchase these devices online and install them yourself. Before you do, there are some things we urge you to consider. There is a reason why companies such as ours, Automated Gate Services, Inc., take great care that our workers are knowledgeable in many areas when it comes to automatic gate access control devices in Irvine, including electrical devices, mechanical operations, and UL regulations.

Automated gates are often large and heavy. If one gets out of control during operation, it would be all too easy for someone to be harmed. When installing these gates, they not only need to function correctly, but also need to be installed to meet fire safety regulations, building codes, and anti-entrapment regulations – just to name a few areas of consideration. Not only that, operators of the gates need to be trained to correctly operate them.

Installation is not the only concern with independently ordering and installing automatic gate openers. If the device should happen to be the wrong part or it should be defective, the manufacturer will typically not honor the warranty on them if they are not installed by a licensed installer. This could create considerable expense for you, especially if you must purchase another one and have it professionally installed.

Automated Gate Services, Inc., employs licensed, trained professionals to take care of your automatic gate access control devices in Irvine, call us at (888)428-3711 to learn more about how we can make your installation go more smoothly. We take pride in using brand name parts, and ensuring that they are installed according to industry best practices.