New Surveillance Camera Installation at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

New Surveillance Camera Installation at San Diego Zoo Safari ParkIt goes without saying that technology has undoubtedly become a significant factor in everyday life, with more and more innovation sprouting up each day. With things like security and safety being in the forefront of every business or public gathering space, it is only natural that camera and sensor technology is starting to truly revolutionize the experience of guests as well as staff safety protocol at zoos across the globe. Our team at Automated Gate Services is happy to announce that we have recently performed a successful surveillance camera installation at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The Condor Cam

Inside the socialization habitat in the California Condor Breeding Facility located within the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, we have installed a camera inside a nesting box. The beautiful condor is unfortunately on the endangered species list, so the installation of a condor cam such as this brings about a rare look at the nest and social habits of this majestic bird.

Web camera technology is excellent for helping zoos and other facilities to stream exhibits, which bring viewers an up close and personal look at animals like the condor that they may not be able to see otherwise. A web feed is also an excellent way to help promote facilities like the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and share such exhibits like the condor enclosure with people who are located all over the world. Not only does this generate a great deal of awareness but it also helps to bring about beneficial promotion for the zoo and much-needed foot traffic.

Our Services

At Automated Gate Services, we provide a wide range of equipment options that are helpful for both residential and commercial property security purposes. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, we have the trained technicians to help tackle your professional installation. Whether the project is as delicate as a condor cam in a nesting box or you want to have a surveillance camera placed outside your garage or office building, we are happy to talk with you about getting you the installation you require.

We are excited to have been a part of the surveillance camera installation at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and we look forward to helping you with your surveillance needs. Contact us today at Automated Gate Services by calling (888) 428-3711, and we can set up a time for a consultation.