Solar Powered Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair in Perris: Ideal for a Dry-Summer Subtropical Climate

solar powered automated gate installation service & repair in Perris

Perris, California, has what is known as a “dry-summer subtropical” climate. Located County, this makes it ideal for solar energy. A little cooler than the L.A. Basin, but not as chilly as San Francisco, Perris has plenty of sun. Automated Gate Services, Inc., handles LiftMaster brand solar powered automatic gates for your solar powered automated gate installation service & repair in Perris.

These gates have a lot of reasons to recommend them. First of all, LiftMaster is one of the major brands that we rely on for our professional and residential gate installations. More than that, LiftMaster incorporates UL recommendations for installation and operation of automated gates – whether powered conventionally or with solar energy. The suggested residential package includes:

  • LMRRU Retro Reflective Monitored Entrapment Protection with Photo Eye
  • KPW5 Wireless Keypad
  • 828LM Internet Gateway
  • 892LT 2 Button Security and Learning Remote
  • And – Vital for Solar – the LA412PKGU Solar Residential DC Linear Actuator

The package that will work best for you depends upon your type of gate, its location, and frequency of use. Liftmaster solar openers are designed to be backed up by a battery for those days when the sun doesn’t shine or for night time use. They understand, as do we, that a gate needs to operate when required.

A well-designed solar set-up means that even during brown-outs or complete black-outs, your residential gate will still operate as it should. Call Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711 and we will be glad to take care of your solar powered automated gate installation service & repair in Perris. As with all of our gate installations, service and repair, we take pride in doing our part to keep your gate in excellent operating order. We have more than thirty-eight years of experience in gate installation and care. We will be glad to share it with you.