Automatic Gate Access Control Devices: The Complete Package for Your Property

automatic gate access control device installation and service in IrvineAccess control devices play a major role in the installation of any automatic gate system. Access controls vary widely, and selecting the best-fit access control device for your individual application is crucial to the effective and efficient operation of your property. From the most high-tech and secure access control devices to simple key-pad systems, Automated Gate Services, Inc. can set you up with quality automatic gate access control device installation and service in Irvine.

Access control devices can typically fit into the following categories: Entry Systems (internet protocol door controllers, internet-enabled control systems with VoIP technology, telephone entry, telephone intercom), Keypad Access Systems (wireless and self-contained systems), and Receiver Systems (remote). Commercial applications and high security locations may choose robust systems with extra features such as the ability to store thousands of unique access codes with customization options, whereas simple keypad entry systems may work best for residential communities. If you are in need of additional features or have special requests for the functionality of your access control devices, let our staff know so we can do our best to tailor your system so it will do the work for you.

When working with our team, we will visit your property in person to gain understanding of how you will put your automatic gate access control devices to use so we can help you decide which system will work best for you. We can help in the decision making process from start to finish, including making recommendations based on the volume of traffic in and out of your property and the different types of visitors you will typically have (vendors, employees, guests, etc.), to paying attention to the indoor or outdoor placement of your system. Not only do we assist with the design and installation, we also teach you how to use your new system as part of our commitment to making your new installation as convenient for you as possible.

We have been proudly serving as Southern California’s leader in gated entry and access control services since 1980. Let us be your one-stop-shop for the design, installation, and service of your automatic gated entry for your commercial or residential property, and our commitment to quality workmanship and customer service will set us apart from other service providers. If you’ve been thinking of installing automatic gate access control devices in Irvine, please call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 and you will learn why so many others partner with us for their property and business needs.