Realize the Benefits of a Telephone Entry System for Your Commercial Property

automatic gate telephone entry systems installation, service and repair in Moreno ValleyIf your business is making use of an automated gated entry, consider a commercial telephone entry to complement your existing system. Telephone entry technology can help streamline business operations and also provide you with helpful data. Telephone entry systems allow for granting access to your property for many different users without sacrificing security. If you are interested in automatic gate telephone entry systems installation, service and repair in Moreno Valley, contact Automated Gate Services, Inc.

A telephone entry system is common for many types of establishments, from private businesses to gated housing communities and busy city offices. The reason telephone entry systems are so widely used for commercial applications is the ability to program many different entry codes. This allows many users to access the same gate with different codes. Unique codes tied to individual users or teams help maintain security and also provide accountability. Reports can be run on which access codes were used to enter or exit and at what time, some models even having the ability to email notifications of events, giving business owners both control and insight. Robust systems can manage up to 10,000 directory codes and 20,000 entry codes. Telephone entry system programming is flexible and can be updated as employees change or entry codes need to be re-issued, making it a favorable option for large enterprises.

Our team has experience installing telephone entry systems for maximum security locations, gated communities, private businesses, and even residential areas. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. when you need automatic gate telephone entry systems installation, service, and repair in Moreno Valley at (888)428-3711. We look forward to hearing from you.