Crash Gates for Perimeter Security and Restricted Areas


For those situations when you need the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to secure your property and maneuver access at a moment’s notice, you can count on the security professionals at Automated Gate Services. We have been providing superior gate control access systems for almost 40 years and are now pleased to offer the highest-quality crash gates for perimeter security and restricted areas and surrounding cities in California.

We are proud to offer the maximum degree of security and peace of mind for your protection against trespassers. You can now utilize our services for these innovative perimeter security solutions:

  • Active barriers supply superior access control and security against vehicular hazards.
  • Quick deploy barriers offer temporary anti-ramming security that is simple and convenient to set up.
  • Fixed bollards work well to permanently regulate traffic at specific crossings and to protect classified areas.
  • Retractable bollards are appropriate when traffic needs to be changed periodically, as they can be raised and lowered as needed.

All products are certified crash-tested to different degrees and offer exceptional additional security for your property, whether you operate a government facility or have a warehouse complex that requires restricted access for personnel and vehicles.

Contact one of the knowledgeable specialists at Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711 to learn more about crash gates for perimeter security and restricted areas . We would be happy to schedule an appointment for one of our team members to come out and conduct an evaluation of your premises and talk with you about your security constraints and concerns. Let us demonstrate our dedication to exceptional quality and service with new security measures to protect your property.