Three Types of Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Mira Loma

Three Types of Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Mira LomaThere are many ways to access and control your gate systems, and the type of gates your property uses affect the types of automatic gate access control devices in Mira Loma that you choose for your property or complex. Our experts at Automated Gate Services can help you choose the ideal types and customized designs for your entry systems so you can control your facility’s access points.

Three common types of access control devices are used for gated entry systems include transponders, card readers, and keypads.

Transponders are a convenient means of secure entry and exit, as they allow for entry without leaving your vehicle. Transponders come in many forms, such as hanging tags for rear view mirrors or mounted on such auto fixtures as lights, license plates, or windshields.

Card readers are much more secure than a standard lock-and-key system, as it requires personnel and visitors to swipe cards through a reader. These readers can be automated and altered as needed to meet your needs. Another boon of the card reader system is that problems with a single keycard do not break the system. However, it is vital to keep keycards secure at all times.

Keypads, much like card readers, are a very convenient electronic security system. However, instead of using a key, a numbered code is punched in to allow entry into the facility. These PINs can be customized for each employee and access records can be kept in a database for further security. PINs are also easily changed or deleted from the system either in person or remotely.

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