Know Who Is At Your Door With Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in Pomona

Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help you to know who is at your door with automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & Repair in Pomona. No doubt, you have seen those old movies where the gentleman caller presses a buzzer at the door of a brownstone apartment, and the object of his affections either presses a button to admit him, or denies entry and tells him to never darken her door again.

Fortunately, telephone entry systems for automatic gates have improved since those days.

They can include entry codes for residents or employees – depending on the situation. They might also have the functionality seen in those vintage black and white movies – the ability to “buzz” someone into the building. But more importantly, they can include records of those who go in and out of an entry way. Closed circuit video can provide visual information for the person on the inside of the building. More than that, automated systems can manage several doors at once, while channeling information about each entrance and exit to a central record keeping location. In the more sophisticated systems, the information can even be searched using the entry code of each user, the location of the entry, and time of day. This function creates added value for large, busy systems such as multistory apartment buildings, large business complexes and even for colleges and universities.

To learn more about automated gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair in Pomona, contact Automated Gate Services, Inc., at (888)428-3711. One of our representatives will be glad to discuss your telephone entry system needs, and help you sort through the many options available to you. Our goal is for you to have the system that will work for you.