Automatic Gate Access Control Devices

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices

No matter how sophisticated your gate or entry system, it is only as secure as your access control system . Fortunately, there are a variety of options from which to choose an option that will be suited to your home or business. Automated Gate Services, Inc., can help demystify the many options to enable you to make the best selection for your situation.

The characteristics of a good access control device include methods of authenticating the person who is entering, security record keeping, and reliable customer service. Options for authentication include keypad entry code, pass cards, vocal and visual identification as is used in telephone entry systems, access using a cell phone and identifying barcodes on vehicles. An example of a two-step system might be a system that required a keypad code to open a security box, that was then followed up by swiping a card.

Secure record keeping that tracks people who enter and leave your building can also be valuable. Reliable customer service might include a system that tracks security records off site, and certainly, would include troubleshooting or being on hand in case of an emergency.

Another characteristic of a good access control device is provision for fire or other disasters affecting the building, as well as alarms that will go off if there is an attempted burglary.

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