Need an Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company ?

Need an Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company ? Have you been trying to find the right automated gate installation service and repair company for your community or business? Automated Gate Services, Inc. is ready to lend a helping hand. Our team has four decades of experience with automated entry systems as well as other forms of keyless entry to keep your property and the people in it safe.

We offer a variety of services for properties in need of automated gated entry systems, as well as telephone keyless entry systems and database management, video surveillance, commercial door operation, turnstiles, vehicle control equipment, and much more. Every property has unique needs, and we seek to provide all of our clients with options that best fit their location, traffic requirements, and more. We also offer solar-powered automated gate services for clients in remote locations or who wish to have a backup power source for their gates.

When you choose our professionals for your service, you get a variety of specialists in everything from security solutions to repair and installation for new or existing gated entry systems on your site. Whether you need security for a gated community, apartment complex, a business of any size, or a government facility, we have the means to provide you with reliable security for your location. We also offer a preventive maintenance agreement that covers all of your gated entry systems and catches small fixes before they become costly repairs.

Automated Gate Services, Inc is an automated gate installation service and repair company that is dedicated to guaranteeing comfort, safety, and convenience for all of our clients. For more information on the services we offer or to get an on-site consultation for your property, call us today at (888) 428-3711.