Automated Gate Services and the San Diego Airport Project

Our team at Automated Gate Services recently had the pleasure of taking part in a security gate system for the San Diego Airport. It is always exciting when we have the honor to become actively involved in such outstanding security projects, and this one was memorable for sure.

The project called for a collaborative installation effort between the B&B ARMR – 828 Shallow Mount and the Wallace Gate PDXT. It was Phase 1 of an ongoing remodel for the expansion of the Airport Operations Area (AOA) and a boost in security. This particular phase includes:

  • The EFO Equipped 828 Shallow Mount is a vehicle barrier crafted to take on high-speed vehicle impact while helping to prevent the vehicle from making its way into a restricted access control area. This equipment is M50-P1 rated and just right for high-security applications.
  • The PDXT Series Wallace Perimeter Security Gates, which features a design that is trackless. What this does is help eliminate vehicle height restrictions and comes with a bi-folding mechanism to reduce the footprint of the swing gate by 50%. These gates are fast to open and close at a rate of 7 seconds, so you also have the ability to boost traffic flow. There is a reason why this is known as the most adaptable and robust SpeedGate available in the industry today.

Along with the assistance of our talented Project Management Team, we were able to handle all layout considerations and any on-site design revisions. Later within the year, Phase 2 of this project will commence to include another pair of wedges along with four more of the folding PDXT gate systems.

If you would like to view the video for this completed phase of the San Diego Airport Project, please feel free to follow this link.

When it comes to high-security gate installations and barrier control systems, we have you covered at Automated Gate Services. If you have any questions or you would like a consultation to obtain a quote for services, give our team a call today at (888) 428-3711.