Experienced Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation, Service & Repair in Redlands

Experienced Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation, Service & Repair in RedlandsOne of the most important aspects of both installing and maintaining your automatic gate is to ensure that you have the proper hardware and accessories. Working with a professional automated gate company like Automated Gate Services, Inc. can make it easy for you. Not only do we have an experienced staff of certified automated gate technicians, we also stay abreast of the latest technologies and designs in our industry and carry quality products we stand by. Contact us today for Experienced Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation, Service & Repair in Redlands.

One of the most important things to install with your automated gate is an Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector, and we carry a wide variety. Vehicle Detectors do exactly what their name gives them away as doing: they detect the presence of a vehicle, serving both to open the gate and as a safety feature so an automated gate will not close on a vehicle, which could cause serious damage. Our knowledge extends beyond vehicle detectors and into other automated gate hardware and accessories including cantilever hardware fabrication specialties and even emergency vehicle access accessories, including fire department key switches, padlocks and vault systems. You see, working with Automated Gate Services means not only will you have certified technicians installing or serving your automated gate, but you will be working with a company that is experienced and knowledgeable about automated gates from the top down.  The company that helps to install your automated gate will be the same company to help repair it or enhance it with quality hardware and accessories.

If you would like to learn more about Automated Gate Services, Inc. or would like to schedule an appointment regarding Automatic Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation Service & Repair in Redlands, then contact us today by calling (888)428-3711. We look forward to building our business relationship with you.