Solar Powered Automated Gate Installation: A Comparable, Green Alternative

solar powered automated gate installation service & repair

Automated Gate Services, Inc. provides solar powered automated gate installation service & repair . Automated electric gates serve a number of purposes, from securing the perimeter of a property to restricting access to specific areas. Automated gates are a great convenience when installed and designed with their purpose in mind. If you are simply inclined to power your gate by means of green energy, or when a power source to a remote location is limited, solar powered automatic gates are a comparable option. Solar power reduces the stress on the grid, and it also frees your automated gate system from the problems associated with electrical power outages and blackouts.

Solar energy works by way of photosensitive cells enclosed in glass or similar material creating energy from sunlight, in much the same way that the plants create chlorophyll using photosynthesis. Solar powered gates are a great application for livestock ranchers, large agricultural installations and similar types of applications that are more remote and also exposed to daylight sufficient to power their gate. It can even work well for a residential gate when the home is located at some distance from the entry point, or for businesses where a continual power source is essential. Even if you don’t want to go solar as your main power source and want to include it as a backup, a solar operated gate system means that your entry point is functional even if there is a power outage since it is not reliant on hard-wired electricity.

Automated Gate Services Inc., has your solar powered automated gate installation service & repair , just give us a call at (888)428-3711 to learn more about how sun power can increase the convenience and effectiveness of your automated gates, and also help reduce costs. In addition to installations, we also do general maintenance work, and can do repairs on existing installations.