Apple Valley Automatic Gate Operators Installation Service & Repair  

Apple Valley Automatic Gate Operators Installation Service & Repair  

Automatic gate operators are the mechanical devices that open and close gates. They come in a variety of types: slide, swing, parking, and actuator gate operators. They can be operated using standard AC electrical current, or they can be set up to operate off solar power. Each type has its own specific purpose. Understanding the difference between automatic gate operators in Apple Valley will help you decide which type of installation will work best for your property.

Slide gates and swing gates are often used for entryways and exits – slide gates “slide” on their tracks, and in comparison, swing gates “swing” open and out from their hinges. Both slide gates and swing gates can operate one single panel or two. The gates can be strictly utilitarian, or they can be ornamental.

You might know parking gate operators as “barrier gate openers” since the operator arm is designed in a way to block traffic until authorized access is granted for vehicle entrance or exit. Ensure your parking gate operator is powered so it can quickly and easily open and lift the barrier arm.

Actuator gate operators are designed to operate conveniently and efficiently in a compact design. The actuator mounts directly to the pilaster and gate, eliminating the need for concrete mounting pads. Properly powering your actuator gate operators is important, especially if it will be accessed at a high volume.

Automated Gate Services, Inc., can take care of your Apple Valley automatic gate operators installation service & repair, call (888)428-3711 to learn more about how we can work for you. Our technical team can install new gate operators or they can troubleshoot and repair most existing installations. We will discuss your expectations for your gate, and listen carefully to your description of the behavior of existing gates as part of discovering the reason for any difficulty the gate is having during normal operation. Our goal is for your gated entry to operate smoothly and reliably for years to come.