When Seconds Count: Emergency Vehicle Access for Your Gated Entry

automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma

If you have recently installed an automated gate, or are considering making upgrades to your existing system, you might be surprised to learn about all of the available options for automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma. For example, a key feature of gated entries is that they are secure. Typically, only authorized personnel are able to enter via the means of the gate access control system – whether that means a lock and key, remote control, card reader, digital lockbox, key pad, or some other device. Under nearly all circumstances, you want to be able to keep unwanted guests out.

But, what about in the event of an emergency? Unfortunately, if your gate is able to keep out people who have not directly been given access to your gate, this usually includes emergency vehicles. If your building is on fire, you may have to scramble to communicate a digital code to enter, or your gate may be rammed and heavily damaged so that emergency personnel can enter the property. Fortunately, automated gate technology is quite advanced, and there are solutions for these very situations. Automatic gate hardware and accessories include vehicle access devices, such as emergency vehicle strobe detectors.

Emergency vehicle strobe detector systems provide rapid access to automatic gates and secured areas. The standard Opticom type operational strobe of the emergency vehicle is the “key” to unlock your automated gate. The fire strobe detector will not allow false operation with unwanted signals from radio interference and/or flashing headlights or loud sounds. They can be used for a wide variety of applications – including military and government properties, residential and commercial spaces, gated communities and more. They are a very reliable tool, and can help save precious time for emergency responders who are trying to come to your aid. Emergency vehicle strobe detectors are advanced enough to be able to tell the difference between an emergency vehicle that is simply passing through your area, and one that is at the front of the gate awaiting entry.

Emergency vehicle access is critical if your home or business is using an automated gate. Compatible with a huge variety of gate operators, an emergency access system is an extremely valuable tool to consider installing. For more information on automatic gate hardware and accessories installation and repair near Mira Loma, contact Automated Gate Services at (888)428-3711.