How Your Property Can Benefit From Proximity Card Readers

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in San Bernadino

Commercial properties are often secured with a perimeter fence and an automated electric gate. During business hours, some businesses leave the gate open to allow for the coming and going of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and others leave the entrance closed at all times for a variety of reasons. For the properties that choose to leave their entrance closed to unauthorized personnel during all hours of the day, a proximity card reader may be the best option for an automatic gate access control devices in San Bernadino.

Proximity card readers are a wonderful option for large or small gated commercial properties for a multitude of reasons. Proximity card readers can read many different types of access cards and tags, giving the end user the freedom to choose which kind of access card or tag will work best for them instead of being limited to the type of card or tag that the proximity card read is compatible with. Proximity card readers have a range on average of up to 25 feet, which is ideal for properties where cars and trucks are regularly accessing the gate so personnel need not leave their vehicle to gain access. A proximity card reader can be mounted directly inside a vehicle so that employees and personnel do not need to carry the access card on their person. Proximity card readers are also desirable because they require no maintenance. Physical contact is not required when using these cards, and the data can grant access through any type of material except metal – meaning that your building materials (unless they are metal) will not hinder the ability to utilize the proximity card reader for access. In addition to entrances, proximity card readers can be used for indoor applications, restricting access to certain areas of the building.

Automatic Gate Services, Inc. can provide a variety of automatic gate control devices in San Bernadino, including proximity card readers. For more information or to set up an initial consultation, call (888)428-3711 to discuss the option best for you. Your selections are by no means limited to proximity card readers, and once we learn more about your specific business operations we can help make recommendations for the best access control device options for your property.