The Ideal Place to Find Solar Powered Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair

AGS Solar PoweredEven today, with all of the technologies available to make the use of security gates more convenient and secure, many residential and commercial clients have not made the decision to install solar powered automated gates. Older security gates, like metal swing gates, do get the job done, to an extent, but they can be a hassle to use when you have to park, manually open the heavy gate, drive through, and then park again to be able to close and secure the gate. In sunny California, we think you deserve better, and encourage you to learn more about solar powered automated gate installation service & repair .

Some concerns when deciding to switch to solar powered automated gates include reliability of the equipment and the cost. Rest assured, solar power is not only a reliable source of power for your automated gate, they are also energy efficient and save you money on your energy bill. Plus, this renewable and sustainable form of energy is better for the environment, something that green energy home and business owners can take pride in. Solar powered gate options can even be tailored to your needs, where the size and watt specification of the solar panel will depend on the weight and size of your gate, so you will generate just enough power that you need. Don’t worry any longer about battery replacement, or power outages, with your solar powered automated gate.

For a healthy combination of convenience, style, security and energy efficiency, call Automated Gate Services Inc. today to ask us about how solar powered automated gate installation service & repair could be right for you. Contact us today by dialing (888)428-3711 to schedule a consultation or service appointment and get on the path to a greener future.