Control the Flow with Turnstile Gate Operators

An increasingly popular, low maintenance and cost efficient gate  system, turnstile gate operators are typically found in retail, commercial and public venues such as: retail stores, office buildings, stadiums, schools, amusement  parks, athletic facilities and public transportation stations just to name a few. Available in waist height, full size, single units or double, turnstile gate systems provide and accurate count of entries and exits as well as the flow control of person’s into restricted and paid access areas. A company specializing in the installation service and repair of turnstile gate operators , will enhance the effective operation of any facility.

Control the Flow with Turnstile Gate Operators

A complete team of experienced installation technicians are current on all new automated gate products and technologies. With this kind of experience, it can be assured the right turnstile gate operator will be recommended and installed for its intended purpose, be it pedestrian barriers or rotating turnstiles.

Each member of this team is also trained and specialized in gated entry and access control systems. The latest technologies will be used in the installation of any access control devices such as a card reader, ticket reader, coin activated or a remote switch operated by security personnel.

A regular inspection schedule of any gate system can minimize any potential problems or concerns; it may also provide an opportunity for any technical upgrades that may be required over time. In the event repairs are required to the system, extensively field trained service technicians are available 24/7.

On staff specialists including: gate automation tech, electricians, wrought iron and chain link installers, concrete cutting techs, telephone communication techs, security consultants and lock and key technicians allows a client to employ just one company for the installation of their turnstile gate operators.

For more information regarding the installation service and repair of turnstile gate operators , call the company with the expertise and experience, call Automated Gate Services today at (888)428-3711.