Think Outside the Box: Make the Most of Automatic Gate Hardware and Accessories

Automatic Gate Hardware and Accessories Installation Service & Repair Near Irvine

New accessories and hardware are the heart of any technological advance, and that applies to gates as much as it does to anything else. As your trusted gated entry and access control specialist, we stay abreast of updates in automatic gate hardware and accessories installation service & repair near Irvine. Airports may not immediately come to mind when you think of automated gates, but airports are often customers of automated gate installation companies due to their need for security and the ability to control the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

For example, Delta Airlines, which flies into the John Wayne Airport near Irvine, is trying out a new application of already established gate technology. In July 2017, Delta announced that it would be testing automated boarding gates at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. These gates will be turnstile type e-gates that will allow passengers to self-board by scanning printed tickets and personal phones. Mobile agent podiums and gate agents will be at hand to help with changes or with glitches in the program. The rationale is that the set-up takes up less room and frees agents to deal more directly with passengers for a more pleasant boarding experience. Boarding pillars will be used to help passengers organize into appropriate lines. Delta will be collecting feedback on the processes from the crew, staff, and passengers.

These new processes and applications for automated gate technology could quickly expand to other airports if the program is successful. At Automated Gate Services, we can also help discuss with you specific goals, such as streamlining your processes or enhancing security and safety via the installation of an automatic gate, be it a turnstile for pedestrian traffic or other gate. If you are curious about automatic gate hardware and accessories installation service & repair near Irvine, our team is ready to accept your call at (888)428-3711. Whether you are using an older gate with an established reputation for efficiency or you are testing out a new application, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to facilitate installation and to help ensure continued smooth operation. We will be glad to set up a conference to discuss your gate.