Let Your Automated Gate Access Control Device Enhance Your Day to Day Operations

automatic gate access control devices near Pomona

Automated Gate Services, Inc., offers a variety of automatic gate access control devices near Pomona. If your business is in that area, we are confident that we can help you develop the access control system that will work well for you and your business situation.

Access control is an essential part of any automated gate system. Automated gates are often used to help smooth traffic flow, whether it is entry and exit of vehicles at a busy airport, or an entry way for workers in a large factory or warehouse. The guiding principle remains the same: the access control needs to function in a way that tracks entry and exit, and at the same time guides and facilitates the flow of users – whether they are in vehicles or on foot. Access control devices can include a broad spectrum of options, ranging from a simple ticket dispenser (often used in airport parking lots) to biometric recognition for secure areas. In between these two extremes are key cards, passcodes, and telephone entry systems. Each has its own unique advantage. Access control can often be tied in with your security system. When footage from security cameras are stored off-site, this provides a secure and accessible record that can be used to identify those who enter and exit an area – an invaluable tool in case of emergencies.

Automated Gate Services will be happy to discuss with you our automatic gate access control devices near Pomona, call us at (888)428-3711. Each type of gate access control has unique features. Some features are shared across devices, while others are specific to the control type. Since every business is unique, even if it shares the same type of operations with other businesses of its type, this allows you to tailor your access control to your needs. When you partner with Automated Gate Services, we will learn about your business processes to make recommendations on the best application for your goals.