What Do You Have In Place For Force Protection & Anti-Terrorism?

What Do You Have In Place For Force Protection & Anti-Terrorism?For many facilities and critical assets, it is crucial that the surroundings are essentially impenetrable around the clock. Such locations include data centers, refineries, government buildings, corporations, and municipalities that require an elevated level of security at all times. Regardless of the type of building in questions, all areas require strict attention to detail when it comes to physical security analysis so that proper protection planning can be put into play.

Automated Gate Services, Inc. is proud to be your number one answer when you are looking for anti-terrorism gate and installation and a full force protection analysis. We can come out to your property to perform a full evaluation of your surroundings in order to come up with the best possible way to ensure that all security measures are in place and the you have the most efficient solution possible.

We make a recommendation on anti-terrorism gates based on your security plan, what your requirements are, and the risk probabilities. Just a sampling of the facets of your property that we take into consideration include:

–        Door systems, including hardware, keying, and locks

–        Sally ports for vehicles

–        Access Control, Keyless Entry, and Surveillance

–        Anti-crash protection measures

–        All barriers and gates for vehicles

–        Physical pedestrian controls, including turnstiles, and more

The looming threat from terrorist acts on all levels can be felt around the world, which is why there is a need now more than ever to ensure all entry ports to your property or facility are completely secure. When we come out to your location, we will talk with you about:

Threat Levels

There are threat levels throughout the country that businesses and government departments have to think about on a regular basis. Once you identify the potential threats, you can then work on the best way to identify all potential measures to cut back on risk while increasing security.

Proven Capabilities

When you have a blocker or gate that has been tested for impact, it will give you the confidence you need in knowing that you can mitigate a variety of situations. Our staff has been working to bring our customers the ultimate way to protect their property, staff, and visitors from potential attacks using high-quality, tested gates and barriers.

Vehicle Security Barriers

It is important that any vehicle that is hostile and intends on forcing its way into your perimeter has to be stopped. Anti-terrorism gates or barriers that are tested for impact and made for such a purpose are a great way to add peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today at Automated Gate Services, Inc. and we will go over your options when it comes to force protection and anti-terrorism gates. We are happy to bring you products like bi-folding swing gates, industrial gates, automatic gates, and much more. Call us at (888) 428-3711 and a member of our team can discuss your options and set up a time for you to have a full anti-terrorism barrier analysis.