Maximum Security With Auto-Spike Vehicle Control Equipment Installation, Service & Repair Company in Perris


Some of our clients are in need of maximum security equipment for commercial properties and even parking lot control. When an advanced degree of security is desired for our customers that require traffic control, such as universities, parking lots, or government organizations, we offer the highest quality vehicle control equipment installation, service & repair in Perris.

When it comes to vehicle control equipment, a perfect complement to barrier gates are auto-spike systems. Auto-spikes are both simple to install and can be set up for various applications. Auto-spikes are ground spikes that when set up or deployed have the potential to tear apart tires should a vehicle forcefully drive over them. For this reason, a traffic signal or warning light is required with an auto-spike system. Warning signs serve the purpose to warn drivers that driving over spikes prior to them being completely retracted will leave them with serious and potentially immobilizing damage to their tires. This is why these traffic control systems are favored for maximum security applications, but our specialized team of professionals can work with you to make recommendations based on your individual needs and goals.

In order to learn more about Automated Gate Services Inc. and our vehicle control equipment installation, service & repair in Perris, call (888)428-3711 today. It is our goal to help you make an informed and educated decision on which of our professionally installed vehicle control products will work best for you. From design to installation, and future service and maintenance, our team will work hard for you to ensure your satisfaction for years to come.