Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service and Repair

When the decision is made to reside or work in a multi-tenant gated community, apartment building, condominium or office building, there is an expectation that some privacy will be lost with other tenants entering and exiting the building, sharing elevators, stairs and other common areas. Property owners, management company’s and tenants alike understand the importance of minimizing the loss of privacy by seeking effective methods of restricting access and allowing visitors and clients of tenants to reach their destination within the facility efficiently and expediently. A company specializing in telephone entry systems installation service and repair will be able to assist in providing a suitable option.

Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service and Repair

Although there are a large number of different access control devices available, some seem to be best suited for specific situations. A telephone entry system used in multi-tenant buildings allows individuals to contact the tenant they are visiting directly who in turn can grant access to the guest with a simple push of a button or entry of an access code.

This system is by no means limited to multi-unit premises. Single family dwellings or industrial sites with automatic gate systems can also enjoy the benefits of a telephone entry system. Eliminating the need for trenching, certified installers can set up a wireless system to either a land line or a cellular phone.

Whether installed on a commercial or residential property, skilled programming specialists will set up and manage the telephone entry software. New residents or tenants can be added or removed from a directory as required. Vendor codes can be programmed for those regular pick-ups or deliveries, ‘hold open’ times for moving day and regular transaction reports can be provided showing who has entered and exited.

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